Monday, April 19, 2010

that's how it flows

hypocritism. wether along youngsters until adulthood, it shall never fade away. I admit for something I went wrong but I hate for blaming for something I didn't. you get nothing but I get sins for throwing you nasty words from day to night. so please stop it. I'm here to learn not to yell. I'm here to respect not to be bad. you act good, I act double with it. here's the thing, it's not only me. it involves a huge community. you raise your voice up, we shout even louder. I'm sorry to be rude but that's the only way for me to show what I need here. I'm far from my mainland. but unfortunately you betray your responsibilities in growing us up in the wrong way. you failed something. I repeat, you failed. however it's not too late. everybody learns from mistake. take a good action cause people will keep talking about it each single seconds. we love you. yes we do. but in some way, we hate the rules. we need space to grow up, we need way to voice up. I'm sick for letting my tears running down for something bad even for something silly. the surroundings always be my shoulder to cry on but that's never enough. so please. here's our hope. don't spell it, don't crush it. we'll be waiting.
  • sincere from the heart
  • sorry for anything wrong
  • you've done well

Monday, March 15, 2010

mummy! I need Zee Avi tickets!

I'll try make it short and simple.

I need Zee Avi tickets to watch on this coming Sunday.

oh my God. it's been a long time I dream to watch her live on stage but when it comes to the right time, Gosh! I have work to do this Sunday. damn you practical. I'm sorry but I'm trying to be sincere as I can. wuwuwu work on Zee Avi. you got lotsa fan out here who really can't wait to see you live on stage. put Yuna as a secondary factor cause you rock more than her.

Monday, March 1, 2010

once boredom splash among friends

friends do come and go just like wave goes home. sometimes they are always needed but sometimes they can be your silent enemy. they throw good words instead of saying something bad. and once boredom strikes, its time to split up and time to pointing finger to each other. blame for unnecessary things, yeah its a normal thing. for God sake I don't lose anything cause I never wanted something like this childish thing to be happen. we're growing in age mate. quarrel its not the best solution yet its a way of destroying. people always statisfied for something wrong and bad and I still can't understand what is the main reason. act in your way and never rely on someone's capability. you know sometimes friend are like an apple on the top of a tree. the best are on the top. a fake friend doesn't want to reach for the good one cause they are afraid of the falling and getting hurt instead they just get the rotten apples from the ground that aren't good just like the one on the top.

duhh why ppl is going nowhere and expecting sympathy??

no matter what life's go on and the world will keep spinning round and coming out.
I love my way and the way I are cause all I want to do is be more like me and be less like you

p.s. I LOVE YOU my so called friend

Friday, February 5, 2010

semalam bersama The Bel Rentung

"bebeh! jom kuar mkn! aq dah ajak nisa..kul8..nak?"
"bebeh..pakai chantek..hak3.."

"aku siap dahni.nak tunggu mane?"
"wait..ko 2ngu kt bwh"

so Bel Joe pun datanglaa ambik.pakai chantek?nak pegi jauh ke ni?tapi nobody cares how far sebab masing-masing perut starving pretty badly and pretty optimistic for sure:) Bel Joe pun drive terus pergi ambik pengerusi segala pengerusi The Bel Rentung Ramai-Ramai, si Bel sikit lagi singgah nurani ambik junior club, si Bel Eim.ok! journey continued nak pergi beli tiket bus dulu baru makan.and here's when the shit happen.what you'll say if you only spend 15minutes in a car and suddenly it runs out of petrol?fucking hell right.

"hell no!"
"pleaselaa keta.sikit jaa lagi".

sorry.kereta tiba-tiba shortness of breath tengah-tengah jalan.tak pikir perut orang betul laa nate keta ni.nak tak nak stop.emergency light.tolak keta.habis cita.malu?pakai cantik kot.tapi things was unplanned.Bel Eim laa jadi hero pegi carik minyak.
pendekkan cerita,budak-budak Sultan Ismail College save the night.thanks but give us shit.lantaklaa janji kereta jalan,kami boleh makan.on the way, another shit happens.this one old man suddenly drive like freak.dah tempah kubur pun,tak payahlaa sampai ajak orang lain.kami taknak mati lagi pakcik.
unespected Bel Enche memang mengamuk habis.turunlah beliau untuk sesi penyerangan:) you got served pakcik.thehehee.relief.

whatever it is,it was a cool night.isu malu letak tepi.isu enjoy letak depan:)
thanks para ahli.

Bel Enche
Bel Joe
Bel Eim
Bel Atin

aktiviti rentung beramai-ramai bakal diteruskan kalau takda aral melintang setiap tiap-tiap minggu pandai-pandailaa bersiap sendiri sebelum diri di ajak untuk mem'bel'kan diri.

sekian,the fun stops for a while>.<

Lotsa Love<3

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

is it LOVE?

OK, you're in a relationship that's so safe it has all the passion of a lukewarm mug of Milo;)
you probably started off as friends, did lots of things together and before you knew it, your crowd were describing you as 'a couple;)'.
you really don't want to split up and lose that warm feeling, but sometimes you fantasise about falling for someone truly, madly and deeply-not just comfortable;)
but whenever you psych yourself into making the big break, he does something lovely and you suddenly realise how much you'd miss him if he wasn't around.

So, what can you do when you like too much to split up, but not enough to make him the love of your life?;(

Sunday, January 31, 2010

i needed no one but myself

No, I really don't think so That you think I'd be incapable of being on my own No, I really don't think so That I would for a second let you back in through my door I have spent many a nights Even when you are by my side I shed tears I couldn't dry I shed tears I couldn't dry But I should thank you for Taking my blindfold off now I ain't jaded no more, no more And I take pride in being the one that said goodbye That could only mean I am me, once more You would turn your head the other way So you won't have to listen to what I have to say You assume that I needed you But you didn't realize that I needed no one but myself I needed no one but myself
what's life about?
its about me,you and everybody
I don't need you. even you
cause I need nobody other than me

Saturday, January 30, 2010