Monday, April 19, 2010

that's how it flows

hypocritism. wether along youngsters until adulthood, it shall never fade away. I admit for something I went wrong but I hate for blaming for something I didn't. you get nothing but I get sins for throwing you nasty words from day to night. so please stop it. I'm here to learn not to yell. I'm here to respect not to be bad. you act good, I act double with it. here's the thing, it's not only me. it involves a huge community. you raise your voice up, we shout even louder. I'm sorry to be rude but that's the only way for me to show what I need here. I'm far from my mainland. but unfortunately you betray your responsibilities in growing us up in the wrong way. you failed something. I repeat, you failed. however it's not too late. everybody learns from mistake. take a good action cause people will keep talking about it each single seconds. we love you. yes we do. but in some way, we hate the rules. we need space to grow up, we need way to voice up. I'm sick for letting my tears running down for something bad even for something silly. the surroundings always be my shoulder to cry on but that's never enough. so please. here's our hope. don't spell it, don't crush it. we'll be waiting.
  • sincere from the heart
  • sorry for anything wrong
  • you've done well

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